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Residential Safe Rooms

The information below will help you understand how having a safe room in your home can protect your family and save the lives of those you care about.

Find answers to your Questions about Building a Safe Room, including:

  • What is the cost of installing a safe room?
  • Can I install a safe room in an existing home?
  • Can I build the safe room myself?
  • Where is the best location for the safe room?
  • Where can I find plans for safe room construction?
  • And more....

Building a Safe Room in Your House

For more details about how you can build a safe room in your home, go to the FEMA P- 320, Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business page before downloading it from the FEMA Library. For more information on residential safe room doors, please download the Residential Tornado Safe Room Doors Fact Sheet. For more information on safe room foundations and anchoring, please download the Foundations and Anchoring Criteria for Safe Rooms Fact Sheet.

Readers looking for a more technical discussion of safe rooms (including design criteria) should go to the FEMA P-361,Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms page to download it from the FEMA Library.

Residential Funding Opportunities

Grants, funding opportunities are available for individuals wishing to build a residential safe room.  See the resources below for additional information:

Examples and Case Studies

Learn how others have benefited from safe rooms. See the following resources on the Best Practices Case Study web page.

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