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Region II: Defense Coordinating Officer


Each FEMA Region has a Defense Coordinating Officer (DCO) who serves as the Federal Emergency Management Agency's single point of contact for Department of Defense (DOD) support.

Each DCO has a Defense Coordinating Element (DCE) consisting of a staff and military liaison officers to facilitate coordination and support to activated Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). Specific responsibilities include:

  • Building synergy and relationships with FEMA staff, State emergency responders, the State Adjutant General and Joint Force Headquarters-State staff

  • Participating in all local, State, Federal, and DOD Homeland Defense and Civil Support exercises

  • Coordinating with military installations regarding Base Support Installation (BSI) operations

  • Conducting National Special Security Event (NSSE) planning and support

Colonel Thomas F. Pike Jr., U.S. Army, is the Defense Coordinating Officer to Region II.

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12/17/2019 - 08:57