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QuakeSmart Toolkit: Recommended FEMA Earthquake Mitigation Training

Earthquake Basics—Science, Risk, and Mitigation

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This 30 minute independent study course presents basic information on earthquake science, risk and mitigation. It also discusses techniques for structural and non-structural earthquake mitigation. Earthquake Basics is targeted to a wide range of audiences, including homeowners, business owners, the private sector, federal, state, tribal and local government  workforce at all levels, first responders, non-profit organizations, volunteers and community-based organizations. A FEMA certificate will be given to those who successfully complete the post course test. This training resides on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI) website.

Train-the-Trainer—Home and Business Earthquake Safety Training

This is an in-person training program for structural and nonstructural earthquake mitigation. The intended audience for the end result training will be non-technical, including homeowners and business owners. For the Train the Trainer delivery, the audience will likely be emergency managers, first responders or others who are interested in leading a presentation on this topic. It is assumed that the trainers will be somewhat knowledgeable about earthquake safety but they may or may not have led presentations on the subject previously.

The format for the Train the Trainer (TTT) will be in-person live training. A 45-minute live seminar will be held to train people how to deliver this training to others in the future. The first 10–15 minutes of the session will be dedicated to teaching people how to organize, plan, recruit and deliver a training seminar. Handout slides will be provided for future reference. The next 30 minutes of the session will be a delivery of the actual presentation. This will allow the future trainers to see the live session and understand first-hand how the delivery should be conducted. A Q&A session (5–10 minutes) will be included at the end of the training. A quiz (with answers) is also incorporated so that the trainers are judged on their basic knowledge of the material prior to delivering the end result training.

The end result training will be delivered by people who have attended the TTT session. A full PowerPoint slide presentation with basic speaker notes will be provided for the trainers. The end result training will be 30 minutes and it is intended to be in-person, live training. Since the audience will be non-technical lay people who are attending out of a general desire to learn (rather than having a specific need or requirement for attending), this training will be interactive, visually engaging and useful. This training might be similar to learning/training seminars delivered by The Home Depot and other retailers that provide basic knowledge to interested home and business owners. The intent is that the seminar attendees will become more knowledgeable and will take steps toward earthquake mitigation in their homes and small businesses.

Other Potential Training for Businesses

Through partnership with local and state government and organizations, businesses may be able to request directly and/or indirectly for earthquake mitigation training via the National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP).

For a complete listing of FEMA earthquake-related training, visit Earthquake Training.

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