Filing Late Application for FEMA Assistance

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NR 056
Release Date:
July 28, 2023

For homeowners and renters who sustained damage from Typhoon Mawar, the last day to apply for FEMA Individual Assistance is July 27, Eastern Standard Time. Because of the time difference between the Eastern Standard Time and the Chamorro Time, the deadline to register for FEMA assistance has been adjusted to 11:59 p.m. July 28, Chamorro Time. In rare cases, though, you may be eligible to submit a late application to FEMA.

FEMA may consider a late application if extraordinary circumstances kept you from applying before the deadline of July 28, Chamorro time, and you send the following documents:

  • A signed letter of explanation; AND
  • Supporting documentation that clearly confirms why you were unable to apply during the application period. These include:
    • Record of hospitalization, illness, disability of the applicant or an immediate family member
    • Death of an immediate family member
    • Proof of personal or business travel that kept the applicant out of the area for the full application period OR
    • Evidence of unique disaster specific circumstances


You have 60 days from July 28, Chamorro time, which was the FEMA application deadline, to complete a late application. There are several ways you can submit a late application for FEMA disaster assistance:


You must submit valid documents within 60 days from the date the late application was completed. Be sure to sign and date your documents. Include your nine-digit FEMA application number and the disaster number (DR-4715-GU) on all supporting documents.

Mail to: FEMA National Processing Service Center, P.O. Box 10055, Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055

Fax: 800-827-8112, Attention: FEMA

Upload documents: An easy way to provide any additional information needed is to set up an online account and upload documents online. To set up or upload documents, go to, click on “Check Your Application and Log In” and follow the directions. Be sure to sign and date your appeal. Include your nine-digit FEMA application number, the disaster number (DR-4715-GU) and documents to support your appeal.

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