OpenFEMA Dataset: OpenFEMA Data Sets - v1

Version: 1
Last Data Refresh: 06-10-2024
Entity Name DataSets
API Endpoint
Update Frequency irregular
Program URL
Category Miscellaneous
Keywords metadata


Metadata for the OpenFEMA API data sets. It contains attributes regarding the published datasets including but not limited to update frequency, description, version, and deprecation status.

Citation: FEMA's citation requirements for datasets (API usage or file downloads) can be found on the OpenFEMA Terms and Conditions page, Citing Data section:

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the OpenFEMA program, API, and publicly available datasets, please visit:

If you have media inquiries about this dataset, please email the FEMA News Desk at or call (202) 646-3272. For inquiries about FEMA's data and Open Government program, please email the OpenFEMA team at

Full Data

Format Address Record Count Approximate File Size
csv Link to csv 42 tiny (< 10MB)
json Link to json 42 tiny (< 10MB)
jsona Link to jsona 42 tiny (< 10MB)

Data Fields

Name Title Type Description Is Searchable
identifier Identifier
Unique, textual identifier for a dataset. no
name Name
Name of the dataset. yes
title Title
Human-readable, verbose name of the dataset. yes
description Description
Dataset description. Detailed enough to enable a user to quickly understand whether the asset is of interest. no
accessURL Distribution Access URL
Distribution object. The URL to directly access a file containing the full dataset in the format specified by the format attribute. yes
format Distribution Format
Distribution object. Description of the file format of the dataset. yes
datasetSize Distribution File Size Estimate
The approximate size of the full file. This value should only be used as a rough guide for download purposes; it should not be used to verify download integrity. Acceptable values are: tiny (< 10MB), small (10MB 50MB), medium (50MB 500MB), large (500MB 10GB), x-large (> 10GB) yes
webService Web Service
Endpoint of web service to access dataset. The URL for an indirect means of accessing the dataset through the API. yes
dataDictionary Data Dictionary
URL to the data dictionary for the dataset or API. Note that documentation other than a data dictionary may be referenced in the Related Documents element. yes
keyword Tags
Tags (or keywords) help users discover the dataset. yes
modified Modified
Indicates the most recent date on which the API endpoint or file format was changed, updated, or modified. This date has no bearing on the refresh cycle of the data. ISO 8601 date format. yes
publisher Publisher
The publishing entity and optionally their parent organization(s). yes
contactPoint Contact POC
Contact person's name for the asset. yes
mbox POC Email Address
Contact person's email address. yes
accessLevel Public Access Level
The degree to which this dataset could be made publicly-available, regardless of whether it has been made available. Values: public (data asset is or could be made publicly available to all without restrictions), restricted public (data asset is available under certain use restrictions), or non-public (data asset is not available to members of the public). yes
landingPage Program Home Page
Alternative landing page URL used to redirect user to a contextual, Agency-hosted 'homepage' for the dataset or API. yes
temporal Date Range
The range of temporal applicability of a dataset (i.e., a start and end date of applicability for the data). ISO 8601 date interval format. yes
api API
True indicates the dataset part of the OpenFEMA API. no
version Version
Major version number of the dataset API endpoint. Version number does not change when additional fields are added to an existing dataset. Data type changes and field deletions will necessitate a version number change. yes
bureauCode Bureau Code
FEMA's government defined bureau code. yes
programCode Program Code
OpenFEMA's program code. yes
accessLevelComment Access Level Comment
NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. Includes information regarding access or restrictions based on privacy, security, or other policies. This should also serve as an explanation for the selected accessLevel including instructions for how to access a restricted file, if applicable, or explanation for why a non-public or restricted public data asset is not public, if applicable. yes
license License
NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. The license or non-license (i.e. Public Domain) status with which the dataset or API has been published. URL to the license. yes
spatial Spatial
NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. The range of spatial applicability of a dataset. Could include a spatial region like a bounding box or a named place. yes
theme Category
Main thematic category of the dataset. yes
dataQuality Data Quality
Whether the dataset meets the agencys Information Quality Guidelines (true/false). yes
accrualPeriodicity Update Frequency
Update frequency expressed using the ISO 8601 Repeating Duration (R/PnYnMnWnDTnHnMnS syntax) standard to provide an unambiguous and well-defined method of representing time duration. Datasets having no set refresh interval will contain the value 'irregular'. See for details. yes
language Language
The language of the dataset. yes
primaryITInvestmentUII Primary IT Investment UII
NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. For linking a dataset with an IT Unique Investment Identifier (UII). yes
references Related Documents
Additional references. Array of URL strings. yes
issued Release Date
Date of initial dataset formal issuance or posting. ISO 8601 Date. yes
systemOfRecords System of Records
NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. If the system is designated as a system of records under the Privacy Act of 1974, this is the URL to the System of Records Notice related to this dataset. yes
recordCount Record Count
Count of the number of records within the dataset. Note, this should not be used to verify download integrity. yes
depDate Deprecation Date
Date when the API endpoint providing this dataset will no longer be accessible. ISO 8601 format. yes
depApiMessage Deprecation API Message
Deprecation message that appears in the metadata section of the returned data set. yes
depWebMessage Deprecation Web Message
Deprecation details that are displayed on the OpenFEMA webpage. yes
depNewURL Deprecation New URL
URL to the new API endpoint for this data set. yes
hash Hash
MD5 hash of fields and values of the record. no
lastRefresh Last Refresh
Date when the metadata record was last updated. Transitioned from being the last date the data set was updated in the data store. Note, in the short term the lastRefresh will be updated both when the metadata changes and when the data set is updated. However, if you use lastRefresh in an automated process to determine when to download data set updates, please begin using lastDataSetRefresh instead. ISO 8601 date format. yes
id ID
Unique ID assigned to the record. It does not persist between data set refreshes. yes
lastDataSetRefresh Last Data Set Refresh
Last date the dataset was updated in the data store. ISO 8601 date format. yes

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