OpenFEMA Dataset: Declaration Denials - v1

Version: 1
Last Data Refresh: 05-20-2024
Entity Name DeclarationDenials
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Update Frequency R/P1D
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Category Disaster Information
Keywords disaster


This dataset lists all requests for major disaster declarations and emergency declarations that have been denied. For more information on the FEMA disaster declaration process, please visit:

The OpenFEMA FAQ has additional information about disaster declarations and this dataset:

This is raw, unedited data from FEMA's National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS) and as such is subject to a small percentage of human error. The dataset is primarily composed of historical data that was manually entered into NEMIS after it launched in 1998. This dataset only includes major and emergency disasters; there are no Fire Management Assistance Grants declarations. Additionally, NEMIS utilizes census data from the United States Census Bureau in which Tribal Nations are listed as localities within a State. As such, disaster declarations for Tribal Nations are currently included in State data.

Citation: FEMA's citation requirements for datasets (API usage or file downloads) can be found on the OpenFEMA Terms and Conditions page, Citing Data section:

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the OpenFEMA program, API, and publicaly available datasets, please visit:

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Full Data

Format Address Record Count Approximate File Size
csv Link to csv 312 tiny (< 10MB)
json Link to json 312 tiny (< 10MB)
jsona Link to jsona 312 tiny (< 10MB)
jsonl Link to jsonl 312 tiny (< 10MB)

Data Fields

Name Title Type Description Is Searchable
declarationRequestNumber Declaration Request Number
Number assigned to the declaration request yes
region Region
FEMA Region number yes
stateAbbreviation State Abbreviation
Two letter abbreviation of the state (e.g., VA) where the incident occurred yes
state State
The name or phrase describing the U.S. state, district, or territory yes
tribalRequest Tribal Request
Denotes that a declaration request was submitted directly to the President, independently of a state, by a Tribal Nation. yes
declarationRequestDate Declaration Request Date
Date when the declaration request was made yes
declarationRequestType Declaration Request Type
Defines what type of declaration that the state or tribal government is requesting for the incident: Major Disaster Declaration or Emergency Declaration. For more information on the disaster process, please visit: yes
incidentName Incident Name
Name of the incident yes
requestedIncidentTypes Requested Incident Types
Types of incidents requested such as fire or flood. For more information on incident types, please visit yes
requestedIncidentBeginDate Requested Incident Begin Date
The requested incident begin date yes
requestedIncidentEndDate Requested Incident End Date
The requested incident end date. If there is no end date, the event is continuing or this request was denied. yes
currentRequestStatus Current Request Status
Date of denial or date of appeal denial yes
requestStatusDate Request Status Date
Date of the latest status for the disaster request. In this case, the status will always be 'turndown', so this represents the date of denial. yes
ihProgramRequested IH Program Requested
Denotes whether the Individuals and Households program was requested for the incident no
iaProgramRequested IA Program Requested
Denotes whether the Individuals Assistance program was requested for the incident no
paProgramRequested PA Program Requested
Denotes whether the Public Assistance program was requested for the incident no
hmProgramRequested HM Program Requested
Denotes whether the Hazard Mitigation program was requested for the incident no
incidentId Incident Identifier
Incident identification number yes
incidentBeginDate Incident Begin Date
Date the incident itself began yes
id ID
Unique ID assigned to the record yes

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