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Non-Disaster Grants Management System

The Non-Disaster Grants Management System (ND Grants) is a web-based system that provides the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its stakeholders with a system that supports the grants management lifecycle.

ND Grants represents a multi-year effort by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FEMA Grant Programs Directorate (GPD) and the FEMA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). GPD is committed to providing an effective system that is collaboratively developed, provides user-friendly workflow, and supports FEMA with mission-critical activities.


ND Grants allows stakeholders to:

  • Organization Management and Task Assignment Services
  • Application Submission
  • Award Review and Acceptance
  • Amendment Submission
  • Performance Reports Submission
  • Mail Center

What are the System Benefits?

During the development of ND Grants, GPD gathered input, best practices, and lessons learned from FEMA grantors and recipients, as well as other external FEMA grant stakeholders. ND Grants offers grantors and recipients the following benefits:

Internal Grantor Users

  • Provide a user friendly interface that clearly highlights pending actions
  • Automate and standardize processes to manage the grants management lifecycle while allowing program specific functionality
  • Improve integration with key systems, such as, to automatically retrieve and share grant application data


  • Provide a user friendly interface that clearly highlights pending actions
  • Reduce the burden of application completion by pulling in and pre-populating applications with grantee’s submission
  • Provide quicker acknowledgements of receipt of application materials and other relevant documents

User Resources

The following supplemental guidance is available to provide recipients and users with information on registering and using the Non-Disaster Grants System.

Preparedness (Non-Disaster) Grants

Service Desk

If you need help using the ND Grants System, please contact the ND Grants Service Desk at 1-800-865-4076 or If you have programmatic or grants management questions, please contact your Program Analyst or Grants Specialist.

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