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The purpose of this page is to provide access to documentation related to national preparedness. The National Incident Management System is intended to be used by the whole community. The intended audience for this page is individuals, families, communities, the private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, and state, local, tribal, territorial, and Federal governments.

FEMA Announces the Release of the National Response Framework, Fourth Edition, and Emergency Support Function #14 – Cross-Sector Business and Infrastructure Annex

In support of FEMA’s Strategic Plan, the agency is pleased to announce the release of the “National Response Framework, Fourth Edition” and the “Emergency Support Function #14 – Cross-Sector Business and Infrastructure Annex.” Both documents incorporate lessons learned from the 2017 hurricane and wildfire season.

The updated National Response Framework (NRF) remains scalable, flexible and adaptable, using the core capabilities identified in the National Preparedness Goal, and continues to focus on the capabilities necessary to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs during disasters. Key updates to the NRF include:

  • Additional emphasis on nongovernmental capabilities to include the role of individuals and private sector/industry partners in responding to disasters;
  • A new Emergency Support Function (ESF) to leverage existing coordination mechanisms between the government and infrastructure owners/operators; and
  • Focus on outcomes-based response through the prioritization of the rapid stabilization of Community Lifelines.

The new ESF #14 supports the coordination of cross-sector operations, including stabilization of key supply chains and Community Lifelines, among infrastructure owners and operators, businesses, and government partners.

For questions regarding the NRF and ESF #14, please email

Additional Information:

The Community Lifelines Implementation Toolkit provides comprehensive information and resources for implementing lifelines during incident response. For questions regarding Community Lifelines, including requests for information sessions and implementation assistance, please email

FEMA Podcasts: The series is available to anyone interested in learning more about FEMA, hearing about innovation in the field of emergency management, and listening to stories about communities and individuals recovering after disasters. Specifically, there are three podcasts that address the NRF revision:

Episode 31: The National Response Framework Gets an Update
Episode 32: State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Toolkit Lifelines
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