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Public Assistance Program Overview

Incident occurs. Pre-declaration begins with preliminary damage assessment, state/territory/tribe submits declaration request within 30 days of incident, then presidential declaration. Applicant collaboration is when the recipient conducts applicant briefings, applicants submit requests for public assistance, fema approves the request, fema conducts recovery scoping meetings within 21 days of request. Subaward formulation is when applicants identify and reports all damage within 60 days of recovery scoping meeting, develop project scope of work and costs, fema and the recipient conduct the exit briefing. Finally, subaward funding occurs when fema obligates funds to recipient, subrecipient completes work and requests closeout of projects, recipient certifies completion within 180 days of project completion and fema closes projects. Fema closes the subrecipient and then the disaster award program.

PA Program flowchart providing general overview.

Photo by Kevin Retherford - Mar 06, 2019
Last Updated: March 6, 2019