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IPAWS Subcommittee


The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Modernization Act of 2015 (Public Law 114-143) required FEMA to establish a NAC IPAWS Subcommittee with the goal of ensuring that IPAWS:

  1. Incorporates multiple communications technologies;
  2. Adapts to and incorporates future technologies for communicating directly with the public;
  3. Provides alerts to the largest portion of the affected population, including nonresident visitors and tourists, individuals with disabilities, individuals with access and functional needs, and individuals with limited English proficiency, and improves the ability of remote areas to receive alerts;
  4. Enhances community preparedness and response through local and regional public and private partnerships;
  5. Reaches the greatest number of people through redundant alert mechanisms; and
  6. Protects individual privacy. 

The NAC IPAWS Subcommittee submitted a report to the NAC in November 2018 that contained recommendations to ensure IPAWS provides timely and effective warnings in the event of natural disaster, acts of terrorism, and other manmade acts or threats to public safety. The NAC IPAWS Subcommittee officially disbanded in February 2019.


The NAC IPAWS Subcommittee included senior federal leaders and representatives from the following communities, disciplines, and/or organizations:

  • State, local, and tribal government officials;
  • Emergency managers and first responders;
  • Vendors, developers, and manufacturers of communications systems;
  • Broadcasting, cable or satellite industry officials;
  • Individuals with disabilities and other access and functional needs, the elderly, or those with limited English proficiency;
  • Consumer privacy advocates; and
  • Other experts.


The NAC IPAWS subcommittee formerly included the following non-federal members:

John Archer
Vice President and General Manager Operations
Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Brett Bailey
NAC Member
Investigations Commander
Tulsa Police Department

Meloyde Batten-Mickens
NAC Member
Director, Facilities Operations-Trades
Prince George's Community College

Art Botterell
Senior Emergency Services Coordinator
California's Governor's Office of Emergency Services

Samantha Brear
Alert Iowa Program Manager and E911 Program Planner
Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Thomas Crane
Senior Solutions Consultant
Everbridge Professional Services

Edward Czarnecki
Senior Director, Strategy and Government Affairs
Monroe Electronics, Inc.

Darrell Darnell
Senior Associate Vice President for Safety and Security
George Washington University

Robert Deleon
Emergency Manager / Emergency Operations Director
Gila River Indian Community

Jeanne-Aimee De Marrais
NAC Member
Senior Director, U.S. Emergencies
Save the Children

Mark Demski
Senior Client Services Manager - WebEOC
Intermedix, Corp.

Gerard Dio
NAC Member
Fire Chief (Retired)
City of Worcester Fire Department

Harold Feld
Senior Vice President
Public Knowledge

Michael Fila
Emergency Manager/Public Health Officer
Office of Emergency Management, Cocopah Indian Tribe

Dana Golub
Senior Director, Public Programs
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Suzanne Goucher
President & Chief Executive Officer
Maine Association of Broadcasters

Don Hall
Director of Government Relations / IPAWS Product Manager
Emergency Communications Network, Inc.

Steven Hill
Chief Executive Officer
Satellite and Broadcasting Communications Association (SBCA)

Brian Josef
Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Benjamin Krakauer
Director, Watch Command
New York City Office of Emergency Management

John Lawson
Executive Director
AWARN Alliance

Frank Mark Lucia
Independent Telecommunications Professional, and Consultant
Georgia Tech Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC)

Sam Matheny
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
National Association of Broadcasters

Hutch McClendon
CEO and President
Advanced, Computers and Communications, LLC

Lillian McDonald
Managing Director and Lead
Emergency, Community, Health and Outreach (ECHO), and TPT's Emergency Services Institute

Dennis Mileti
Professor Emeritus, Director of the Natural Hazards Center
University of Colorado at Boulder

Jacqueline Nguyen
Senior Project Specialist

Donna Platt
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
North Carolina Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

Harold Price
Sage Alerting Systems, Inc.

Craig Saari
Principle Video Engineer II
Charter Communications

Francisco Sánchez
Liaison and Public Information Officer
Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Andy Scott
Vice President of Engineering
NCTA - The Internet & Television Association

Michael Sprayberry
NAC Member
Director, North Carolina Emergency Management
North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Richard Strack
Chief Engineer
Boise State Public Radio

Tafaimamao Tua-Tupuola
Director, University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
American Samoa Community College

Bryen Yunashko
DeafBlind Advocate
Access256 Productions, LLC

Additional Information

Subcommittee member terms end no later than April 11, 2019. 

Members may be designated Special Government Employees (SGEs), as defined in section 202(a) of title 18, United States Code, or as Representative members. The IPAWS Subcommittee will meet approximately four times a year, twice in person and twice via webinar.  Members may be reimbursed for travel expenses and per diem. All travel for IPAWS Subcommittee business must be approved in advance by the Designated Federal Officer.

The Department of Homeland Security does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factor. DHS strives to achieve a widely diverse candidate pool for all of its recruitment actions. Current DHS and FEMA employees, FEMA Reservists, and DHS and FEMA contractors and potential contractors may not be members of this Subcommittee. Federally registered lobbyists may be designated as Representative appointments but are not eligible for positions that are designated as SGE appointments.

Contact Information: 
Office of the National Advisory Council
Federal Emergency Management Agency
500 C Street SW
Washington, DC 20472-3184
Telephone: (202) 646-2700
Fax: (540) 504-2331
For more information on the NAC, visit

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