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Home Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction Technical Fact Sheet Series - FEMA P-499

FEMA P-499 is a series of 37 fact sheets, written for engineers, architects, and home owners, that provide technical guidance and recommendations concerning the construction of coastal residential buildings.

The fact sheets present information aimed at improving the performance of buildings subject to flood and wind forces in coastal environments. Photographs and drawings illustrate National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulatory requirements, the proper siting of coastal buildings, and recommended design and construction practices for building components, including structural connections, the building envelope, and utilities. Many of the fact sheets also include lists of FEMA and other resources that provide more information about the topics discussed. Where appropriate, resources are accompanied by active web links.

A list of the individual fact sheets that are contained in FEMA P-499, follows.

This figure shows samples of figures that can be found in the 37 fact sheets produced that provide technical guidance and recommendations concerning the construction of coastal residential buildings.
Figure 1. Sample of figures from fact sheets.
  • Category 1 – General
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.1, Coastal Building Successes and Failures
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.2, Summary of Coastal Construction Requirements and Recommendations
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.3, Using a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.4, Lowest Floor Elevation
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.5, V-Zone Design and Construction Certification
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.6, Designing for Flood Levels Above the BFE
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.7, Coastal Building Materials
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.8, Non-Traditional Building Materials and Systems
    • Fact Sheet No. 1.9, Moisture Barrier Systems
  • Category 2 – Planning
    • Fact Sheet No. 2.1, How Do Siting and Design Decisions Affect the Owner's Costs?
    • Fact Sheet No. 2.2, Selecting a Lot and Siting the Building
  • Category 3 – Foundations
    • Fact Sheet No. 3.1, Foundations in Coastal Areas
    • Fact Sheet No. 3.2, Pile Installation
    • Fact Sheet No. 3.3, Wood-Pile-to-Beam Connections
    • Fact Sheet No. 3.4, Reinforced Masonry Pier Construction
    • Fact Sheet No. 3.5, Foundation Walls
  • Category 4 – Load Paths
    • Fact Sheet No. 4.1, Load Paths
    • Fact Sheet No. 4.2, Masonry Details
    • Fact Sheet No. 4.3, Use of Connectors and Brackets
  • Category 5 – Wall Systems
    • Fact Sheet No. 5.1, Housewrap
    • Fact Sheet No. 5.2, Roof-to-Wall and Deck-to-Wall Flashing
    • Fact Sheet No. 5.3, Siding Installation in High-Wind Regions
    • Fact Sheet No. 5.4, Attachment of Brick Veneer In High-Wind Regions
  • Category 6 – Openings
    • Fact Sheet No. 6.1, Window and Door Installation
    • Fact Sheet No. 6.2, Protection of Openings – Shutters and Glazing
  • Category 7 - Roofing
    • Fact Sheet No. 7.1, Roof Sheathing Installation
    • Fact Sheet No. 7.2, Roof Underlayment for Asphalt Shingle Roofs
    • Fact Sheet No. 7.3, Asphalt Shingle Roofing for High-Wind Regions
    • Fact Sheet No. 7.4, Tile Roofing for High-Wind Areas
    • Fact Sheet No. 7.5, Minimizing Water Intrusion through Roof Vents in High-Wind Regions
    • Fact Sheet No. 7.6, Metal Roof Systems in High-Wind Regions
  • Category 8 – Attachments
    • Fact Sheet No. 8.1, Enclosures and Breakaway Walls
    • Fact Sheet No. 8.2, Decks, Pools, and Accessory Structures
    • Fact Sheet No. 8.3, Protecting Utilities
  • Category 9 – Repairs
    • Fact Sheet No. 9.1, Repairs, Remodeling, Additions, and Retrofitting – Flood
    • Fact Sheet No. 9.2, Repairs, Remodeling, Additions, and Retrofitting – Wind
  • Category G – Guide
    • Fact Sheet No. G.1, Technical Fact Sheet Guide
    • Fact Sheet No. G.2, References and Resources

You can download a copy of FEMA P-499 or individual fact sheets from the FEMA Library. To order this or other publications from the FEMA Distribution Center please call 1-800-480-2520 or fax 1-240-599-0525 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. You may also email your request to FEMA-Publications-Warehouse. Please provide the title, item number, short number, and quantity of each publication, along with your name, address, zip code, and daytime telephone number.

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