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Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grant Resources

This page contains links to various Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) resources that an Applicant or subapplicant can reference during the grant application development stage.

Home Elevated During a Mitigation Project
Home Elevated During a Mitigation Project
  • The Benefit-Cost Analysis site provides guidance on the software modules that are used during application development of HMA grants; specifically, how to conduct a Benefit-Cost Analysis that will meet FEMA requirements. 
  • The Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation site provides information on the environmental and historic preservation regulations that must be adhered to in order to be considered for an HMA grant. All HMA grant Applicants and subapplicants must complete an environmental and historical preservation eligibility review during the application process.
  • The HMA Grants Policy Site lists current HMA polices as well as other policies that impact HMA funding.
  • The HMA Job Aids were created to help Applicants and subapplicants develop successful grant applications and effectively manage their grants after they have received them.  The Job Aids consist of FAQs, Flowcharts, and Fact Sheets that cover a variety of topics related to the HMA grant programs.
  • The HMA Program Guidance site provides links to current and archived Hazard Mitigation Guidance documents. This is where the most current HMA Guidance document is posted along with applicable polices, forms, and resources to be used throughout the HMA grant application process. 
  • The FEMA PA 406 Mitigation Brochure provides information on FEMA Public Assistance mitigation funding, eligibility requirements, examples of mitigation projects, and where to go for more guidance.
  • The  HMA Year In Review provides an overview of the activities and accomplishments of the HMA Division over the course of the year.  It also highlights success stories that demonstrate how FEMA grants advance community resilience.
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