Environmental & Historic Preservation Grant Preparation Resources

Environmental Historic Preservation Checklist

Environmental Historic Preservation Checklist

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Policy Guidance

This policy is intended to ensure that all FEMA GPD non-disaster grant programs and activities comply with applicable Federal EHP laws, Presidential Executive Orders (EOs), and regulations.

Executive Order 12898, Environmental Justice

This fact sheet is for applicants and subapplicants to provide awareness of Environmental Justice requirements for their grant programs. The fact sheet will help applicants and subapplicants understand how FEMA reviews proposed projects for compliance with Executive Order 12898 and provides examples of project types that can have environmental justice considerations.

Hazard Mitigation Assistance EHP at-a-Glance Guide

This guide provides information on how to incorporate environmental and historic preservation considerations into your Hazard Mitigation Assistance application and project.

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Screening Form (FEMA Form-207-FY-21-100)

FEMA Form 024-0-1. This form is designed to initiate and facilitate the environmental and historic preservation (EHP) compliance review for your FEMA preparedness grant-funded project(s).

Environmental and Historical Preservation Resources At-A-Glance Guide

This EHP Resources At-A-Glance Guide is a Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) product. This guide was prepared to assist applicants with identification of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Resources.

Eligibility and Completeness Review Checklist for Project Subapplications

Last updated May 13, 2022