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The National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 prohibits FEMA from providing flood insurance in a community unless the community adopts and enforces floodplain management regulations that meet or exceed minimum NFIP criteria. A community can be suspended from the NFIP for failure to adopt compliant floodplain management measures or if it repeals or amends previously compliant floodplain management measures. A community can also be suspended from the NFIP for failure to enforce its floodplain management regulations.

New flood insurance coverage cannot be purchased and policies cannot be renewed in a suspended community. In addition, three-year policies become void at the end of the current policy year with a pro rata refund given for any remaining years of the original three-year policy term.

National Flood Insurance Program Requirements

  • 59.24 - Suspension of community eligibility
    • (a) Suspension for Failure to Adopt Regulations
    • (c) Suspension for Failure to Enforce Regulations
Glossary Section
NFIP - National Flood Insurance Program
Last updated July 7, 2020