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Manufactured Home Park or Subdivision

A parcel (or continuous parcels) of land divided into two or more manufactured home lots for rent or sale. See Manufactured (Mobile) Home for floodplain management requirements.

See Existing Manufactured Home Park or Subdivision.

See Expansion to an Existing Manufactured Home Park or Subdivision.

See New Manufactured Home Park or Subdivision.

National Flood Insurance Program Requirements

  • 59.1 - Definitions
  • 60.3 - Floodplain management criteria for floodprone areas
    • (c) (6) - Outside of a Manufactured Home Park, in a New or an Expansion of Existing Manufactured Home Park
    • (c) (12) - Within Existing Manufactured Home Park
    • (e)(8) - Manufactured Home Parks in V Zones
Last updated July 8, 2020