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Flood Insurance Advocate Video Project

Release Date:
April 7, 2021
A house with three floors. "if the floor is below ground on all sides, it's a basement according to the NFIP.

The Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate (OFIA) embarked on a video production project to help NFIP customers with frequently misunderstood concepts. Existing material targeting insurance agents, adjusters, Write Your Own stakeholders or other technical audiences require an advanced level of familiarity with NFIP concepts. Confusion around certain flood insurance terminology was identified through OFIA’s casework and research. OFIA is seeking to address these common issues with straightforward and informative videos. The following five videos will be released in the coming months:

1.  Basements: Helps the viewer understand how the NFIP defines a basement and describes limitations to coverage under the flood insurance policy in basements.

2.  Understanding Flood Risk: Shows how the Flood Insurance Rate Maps can be used to assess the risk of flooding in an area.

3.  When Flood Insurance is Required vs. Recommended: Explains when flood insurance is required under Mandatory Purchase mandates.

4.  The Claims Process: Provides information on what to expect when the insured files a flood insurance claim and directs them to review their policy and claims handbook. A high-level overview of the claims process, including a discussion of the policyholder’s and adjuster’s role in the flood claim process. 

5.  Map Changes: Describes why maps change, impacts of map changes on mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements and how map changes affect the premium of new and existing flood policies.

Last updated April 7, 2021