FEMA P-2055, Post-Disaster Building Safety Evaluation Guidance

This training provides an overview of existing procedures for post-disaster building safety evaluations and issues related to structural safety and habitability. Guidance is also presented on planning, managing, and implementing safety evaluation programs before and after a disaster incident.

In late 2018, Congress directed FEMA to develop and publish guidance, including best practices, for the post-disaster safety assessment of buildings by licensed architects and engineers to ensure that design professionals properly analyze the structural integrity and livability of buildings and structures following disasters.

The final report, FEMA P-2055, covers current state of practice, including recommendations related to structural safety and habitability. This report serves as a comprehensive review of all facets of post-disaster safety evaluations, covering deployment management, secondary hazard events, requirements for health of occupants, and discussions on interim postdisaster use of buildings.

Duration: 4 hours in person | 4 hours online

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