Community Development Block Grant: Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) (14.218)

HUD provides flexible grants to help local governments, states and tribes to recover from Presidentially declared disasters, especially in low- and moderate-income areas, subject to the availability of supplemental appropriations. Eligible activities may include acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or construction of housing, as well as housing counselling and other activities. This particular activity may be eligible as part of an eligible rehabilitation activity (repairs alone are generally not eligible). This funding can be used as cost share for other federal programs, including FEMA programs.

Congress may appropriate funds to HUD when there are unmet needs for recovery after a major disaster declaration. The appropriation provides funds to Disaster Relief, Long Term-Recovery, Restoration of Infrastructure, Housing and Economic Revitalization.

Provider: Department of Housing and Urban Development - Community Planning and Development
Eligibility: State, Local, Tribal, or Territorial Government
Timeframe: Long-Term
Funding Type: Annual
Financial Resource Type: Grant

Please directly consult the provider of a potential resource for current program information and to verify the applicability and requirements of a particular program.

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