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Improvised Nuclear Device Response and Recovery: Communicating in the Immediate Aftermath

U.S. Government Interagency Nuclear Detonation Response Communications Working Group, June 2013

Communicating During and After a Nuclear Power Plant Incident

U.S. Government Interagency Nuclear Detonation Response Communications Working Group, June 2013

Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program - Hostile Action Based (HAB) Exercise Toolkit

The purpose of the FEMA REPP HAB Exercise Tool Kit is to provide Offsite Response Organizations (OROs) with several different “tools” which may be used to facilitate reviews of plans and procedures in advance of an HAB REPP exercise.

Federal Register Notice - Vol. 67 No. 7 - Federal Policy on Use of Potassium Iodide (KI)

The Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee (FRPCC) has revised the 1985 Federal policy regarding the use of potassium iodide (KI) as a thyroidal blocking agent by emergency workers, institutionalized persons and the general public in the vicinity of nuclear power plants.

Criteria for Preparation and Evaluation of Radiological Emergency Response Plans and Preparedness in Support of Nuclear Power Plants

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and FEMA staff prepared this joint document in support of NRC's responsibilities under the Atomic Energy Act, as amended. This guidance document focuses on preparedness for radiological incidents at NPPs that could impact public health and safety.

NUREG 0654 REP-1, Revision 2 Change Summary

The revision of NUREG-0654/FEMA-REP-1, Rev. 1 encompassed updating and modernizing general emergency planning information pertinent to commercial nuclear power plants, while refocusing the evaluation criteria on overall emergency preparedness (EP) program capabilities deemed essential to meet each of the EP planning standards found in NRC regulations at 10 CFR 50.47(b) and FEMA regulations at 44 CFR 350.5(a).

Guidance for Developing State, Tribal and Local Radiological Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness for Transportation Accidents REP 5

FEMA-REP-5, Revision 2, is published by FEMA on behalf of the FRPCC’s Subcommittee on Transportation Accidents. It provides a basis for State, Tribal, and local governments to develop emergency plans and improve emergency preparedness for all transportation accidents involving radioactive materials and inherently impacts Federal agency planning.

Assessment of Offsite Emergency Preparedness Infrastructure and Capabilities Following an Incident in the Vicinity of a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensed-Nuclear Power Plant

Interim Standard Operating Guide (SOG).

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