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Defibrillator Saves Heart Attack Victim, New Gear Aids In Rescue

Margaretta Township Fire Department ERIE COUNTY, Ohio -- On March 17, 2006, a 73-year-old man requested the EMS unit for chest pain. Upon arrival, the patient was assessed and a 12-lead EKG done.

Firefighters Breathe Easy With New Equipment

DeForest Area Fire and EMS Department DEFOREST, Wisc.

Fire Company Provides Members A Way To Get Healthy

Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Company COLCHESTER, VT -- The Colchester Fire Company is a mirror of its citizens. The all-volunteer company is made up of men and women, ages 18 to 68, who call the city home.

All-Volunteer Fire Department Contains Blaze

New, larger hoses help disperse water in larger quantities CHEWELAH, Wash. -- An out of-control car exploded on impact when it crashed into the front porch of a small home, causing a massive inferno.

Vehicle Extrication Takes 10 Minutes With New Tool

Harmar Township Volunteer Fire Company 1 CHESWICK, PA -- At a vehicle accident in 2003, Harmar Township firefighters were extricating a victim, and needed to quickly remove the roof of a late-model BMW to do so.

SCBAs Enable Rescue of Disabled Woman

City of Biwabik Fire Department BIWABIK, MN -- On February 3, 2006, the Biwabik Fire Department was called to the scene of an apartment fire and told that there were people trapped in the building.

Fire Extinguishers Save Lives and Property

Arcata Fire Protection District ARCATA, CA -- The Arcata Fire Protection District is an all-risk public safety entity providing fire, rescue, and EMS services to a population of 35,000 residents for the city of Arcata, the communities of McKinleyvil

Colorado Watershed Coalitions

Coalition Building Through Natural Boundaries Learning Objective: Examine the cross-agency partnerships, projects, and innovative financial management strategies employed in Colorado to rebuild and restore the natural flood mitigation benefits of regional watersheds

Grant Helps Department Become NFPA-Compliant

Lee County Fire Department BISHOPVILLE, SC -- The AFG grant has helped to meet the needs of Lee County's growing rural fire department.

Sprinkler System Saves Unmanned Shop and Contents

 Annapolis Fire Department ANNAPOLIS, MD -- The Annapolis Fire Department is a mostly career, all-hazards emergency service agency that provides fire suppression, EMS, technical rescue response, Hazmat response, WMD response, marine rescue/firefighting, and bom