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HWM Pilot Summary: Harrisburg, PA

This page highlights the Harrisburg, PA High Water Mark (HWM) Pilot Project which took place on April 29, 2013.

HWM Pilot Summary: Frankfort and Franklin County, KY

This case study highlights the Frankfort and Franklin County, Kentucky High Water Mark (HWM) Pilot Project, which took place on December 10, 2012.

New Mexico Flood Map Website

Challenge: A significant number of maps for New Mexico counties were not modernized during Flood Map Modernization.

Streams at Your Fingertips

Challenge: Access to mapping and updated modeling that result from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state projects benefit both the general public and the engineering community.

Illinois CTP Collaboration Success

Challenge: The Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS), part of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois, is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) that has been conducting all components of flood mapping in Illinois since 2005.

Pennsylvania Cooperating Technical Partners Program Best Practice

Challenge: After several flood events ravaged the area, including Tropical Storm Lee in 2011, residents of the Borough of Muncy were sensitive to the damages that floodwaters can bring.

Oklahoma CTP Collaboration Success

Challenge: In May and June of 2015, Oklahoma experienced severe flooding in the southeastern two-thirds of the state.

North Central Texas Council of Governments Integrated Stormwater Management Program Water Quantity and Quality through Development, Design, and Construction Strategies

Challenge: The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is a regional planning agency that assists local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional development.

Kansas Online Map Review

Challenge: The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources (KDA DWR) set out to improve stakeholder participation in Risk MAP projects and draft map reviews.

Kentucky Approach to Community Engagement and Risk Communication

Challenge: In a region that experiences numerous storms, a community’s mindset is often focused on disaster recovery, rather than mitigation actions that reduce losses.