Community Assistance Recovery Support Function

After a disaster, communities must lead complex efforts to recover. The Community Assistance (CA) RSF supports tribes and localities by building relationships, providing training, and supporting efforts to plan, prioritize, and implement their recovery goals and objectives.

CA is one of six RSFs, established under the National Disaster Recovery Framework that support recovery efforts of states, local governments, tribes, and territories (SLTT) before, during and after disasters. The CA RSF is coordinated by FEMA and consists of a National Coordinator and team at FEMA Headquarters, Regional Coordinators in each of FEMA’s 10 regions, and a cadre of staff available to assist in pre-disaster planning and disaster deployment.

Mission Statement

The CA RSF unifies and coordinates expertise and assistance programs from across the federal government as well as nongovernment partners to aid local and tribal governments in building their local capabilities to effectively plan for and manage recovery and engage the whole community in the recovery planning process. NDRF, 2016

Community Assistance (CA) RSF Related to Disasters

Before a DisasterAfter a Disaster
Partnership Development – Identification, connection, and coordination with national, state, local and regional partners who can assist CA in its mission.Just-in-Time Training – Hosts training series offered to local staff and leadership that provides critical information about disaster processes, and planning and capacity considerations.
Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning – Encourages and supports efforts of states, tribes, and territories to develop pre-disaster recovery plans to guide post-disaster recovery efforts and build recovery capabilities.Community Engagement and Partnership Development – Provides advice and support to communities to engage all stakeholders to support equitable and inclusive recovery.
Building Community Assistance Awareness, Engagement and Capacity – Engages states, tribes, and territories with partner support to describe CA program support and offerings.Recovery Planning Technical Assistance –Works with impacted communities and CA partners to provide planning technical assistance and identify potential funding sources for identified recovery projects.
Planning Tools, Data Assessment, Guidance – Development of tools and materials to assist CA’s mission and maintenance of the online Community Recovery Management Toolkit.Management Capacity – With partners, works with impacted community leaders to identify management needs and resources.

Coordinating Agency: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/FEMA

Primary Agencies:  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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