Common Disaster-Related Rumors

There often are many rumors and scams after a disaster. Do your part to the stop the spread of rumors by doing three easy things: 

  1. Find trusted sources of information. 
  2. Share information from trusted sources. 
  3. Discourage others from sharing information from unverified sources. 
Hawaii rumor control

Recent Disasters

If you're looking for information related to the recent Hawaii wildfires (DR-4724-HI), get the facts and answers to frequently asked questions specific to the disaster in Hawaii.


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It depends. By law, FEMA cannot duplicate benefits of insurance. If insurance does not cover the entire cost of your lodging expenses during a disaster, you may still be eligible for reimbursement.


It depends. When you receive a letter that states your application is “not approved” or “incomplete” you can check your status online or call the FEMA Helpline, 800-621-3362, for more information.

This letter may mean that more information is needed, or that your insurance claim needs to be settled before FEMA disaster assistance can be granted.


This is not true. Flood insurance is available to homeowners, renters, condos and businesses. 

Visit the National Flood Insurance Program page for more information.

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