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Continuity Guidance Circular (CGC)

Continuity Guidance Circular (CGC)

Every day, individuals, organizations, communities, and governments provide critical services and perform essential functions upon which neighbors and citizens depend. Continuity ensures that the whole community has a plan for sustaining these services and functions when normal operations are disrupted.  Implementation of continuity principles ensures that organizations, communities, and governments are able to support citizens in need. National preparedness and sustainment of essential functions is a shared responsibility of the whole community. Continuity is neither a strictly a governmental responsibility, nor is it limited to a specific sector.  Development and maintenance of continuity capabilities helps build and sustain a more resilient nation that is equipped to sustain essential functions, delivery of critical services, and core capabilities under all conditions.

FEMA is leading a whole community effort to review and revise the Continuity Guidance Circular, to guide whole community efforts to develop and maintain the capability to ensure continuity of operations, continuity of government, and enduring constitutional government during an emergency that disrupts normal operations.  FEMA has engaged stakeholders and subject matter experts across the nation throughout all phases of the Continuity Guidance Circular development process, including obtaining feedback from and leveraging lessons learned and best practices of government agencies at all levels, and from the private sector.

FEMA will be soliciting input from stakeholders during a 30-day National Engagement Period on the draft document. FEMA will also be hosting a series of 60-minute engagement webinars to describe the draft document, provide information on how to submit feedback, and to answer stakeholders’ questions. Please check back soon to view information on the National Engagement Period, to obtain a copy of the draft document, and to view the webinar schedule. 

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