Appendix C: Funding Sources for Stafford and Non-Stafford Incidents

Types of FundingAdministered byDescription
Public Health Emergency Fund (PHEFSupplemental appropriations can be sought from CongressHHSThe PHEF is a no-year fund at the U.S. Treasury to provide funding in the event of a public health emergency. The PHEF has no balance and can only be accessed in a declared public health emergency. In addition, there are no other immediate and flexible no-year funding sources available to ensure a timely response to an urgent event and no such fund for an event that does not meet the threshold for a public health emergency declaration.
Non-Stafford ActAppropriated FundsEach Department/AgencyAs established by Congress. (Most federal agencies do not have disaster response appropriations and specific guidance from agency financial management offices should be obtained).
Non-Stafford ActEconomy Act, 31 U.S.C. 1535- 1536: Federal-to-FederalDHSA federal entity with primary responsibility and statutory authority for handling an incident (i.e., the requesting agency) that needs support beyond its normal operations may request DHS coordination and facilitation through the National Response Framework (NRF).
Non-Stafford ActPublic Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative AgreementHHS CDCHHS CDC provides SLTTs with funding and technical assistance to build public health preparedness and response capabilities nationwide. PHEP Cooperative Agreement provides funding to 50 states, four cities, and eight U.S. territories and freely associated states.
Stafford ActPandemic Coverage: (Emergency Assistance for Human Influenza Pandemic Disaster Assistance Policy 9523.17. November 25, 2009)FEMADirect federal assistance is available through Public Assistance grants for Stafford Act declarations related to pandemic influenza. Assistance provided by FEMA under the Stafford Act in response to a pandemic influenza declaration may not duplicate assistance provided or available under the authority of other federal agencies, including HHS.
Stafford ActMutual Aid Agreements for Public Assistance and Fire Management Assistance Disaster Assistance Policy 9523.6. August 13, 2007FEMAFEMA will reimburse for services provided through written mutual aid agreements, such as the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), for aid provided to states where there has been a Presidential declaration, the activities and costs directly relate to the incident and eligible work, and costs are reasonable.
Stafford ActDisaster Relief Fund (Robert T. Stafford Relief and Emergency Assistance Act of 1988)FEMADisaster relief funding limits established by Congress.
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