FAQs about FEMA Rental Assistance for Recreational Vehicles

Q: What kind of housing can I use my FEMA rental assistance for?

A: FEMA rental assistance may be used for a house, apartment, hotel, motel, manufactured home, recreational vehicle (RV), or other kind of living space that is available for rent. 

Q: So I can use my rental assistance for a recreational vehicle too, right?

A: Yes, you can. FEMA does not say which form of temporary housing survivors must rent, and you may use your rental assistance to rent a RV. These include manufactured homes and other pre-fabricated structures.

Q: Why doesn’t FEMA’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance program place survivors in RVs?

A: FEMA doesn’t place survivors in RVs because they’re not ideally suitable for long-term occupancy, but you can still use your rental assistance for one, if you think it is the best option for your family.   

Q: In our case, an RV would be perfect for right now. Will FEMA find us one and do all the paperwork?

A: If you choose to rent a RV, you will be responsible for finding the unit and signing the rental agreement. Make sure to keep copies of the contract and all receipts related to the rental.

Q: Will FEMA help us with the other costs involved in renting an RV?

A: Yes, as well as monthly rental costs, FEMA may also provide reimbursement for eligible costs involved in transporting, installing, and connecting the RV to utilities. Save all these expense receipts. Keep in mind that FEMA does not reimburse costs for fuel, insurance or maintenance. Nor is disconnecting and returning the unit.

Q: Is it our job to get the required permits and know all about the rules of installing an RV?

A: Yes, it is. RV renters are responsible for getting the necessary permits and complying with all State and local ordinances (e.g., waste management) and zoning rules (e.g., type of dwelling). 

Q: How long can I count on FEMA to pay the rent of the RV?

A: FEMA will provide the initial payment of two months of rental expenses. After that, more assistance may be available. You will need to complete a request form which is mailed to everyone who received the initial payment. Include a copy of the contract or lease that shows the amount of the monthly rent and security deposit, if there is one, and all rent receipts. You will also be asked for information about your family’s income. 

Q: Can we count on FEMA for rental assistance after the first two months?


A: FEMA will evaluate your request for additional rental assistance to determine if you are eligible for it to be extended, but there is no guarantee of rental assistance past the first two months.

Q: Our mail service is not reliable right now. How can I be sure to get a request form?

A: If you don’t receive the request form in the mail, you can get one at a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center or by calling the FEMA Helpline at 1-800-621-3362. Disaster survivors who have a speech disability or hearing loss may access TTY by calling 1-800-462-7585, and Survivors who use 711 or Video Relay Services can call 1-800-621-3362.

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