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04AP-03-GISS - System, Geospatial Information (GIS)


Geospatial/Geographical Information Systems (GIS) including application software as well as integrated hardware for implementation. GIS systems support the acquisition, integration, and dissemination of geospatial data and imagery. GIS systems provide or support multiple CBRNE terrorism prevention and response functions, including (but not limited to): - Geospatial Analysis - allows for association of intelligence and location-based information to perform complex analysis and visualization - Decision Support - provides a mechanism to deliver actionable intelligence, supporting strategic and tactical operations - Situational Awareness - supports a common operational picture with near real-time intelligence fused with geospatial information fully describing the area of operations in a spatial context - Navigation - Monitoring (tracking, weather, traffic, assets, environment, damage assessments, disease surveillance) - Modeling - combines complex spatial information and applies modeling tools to predict consequences of events in support of planning, mitigation, response, and recovery - Mapping - presents fused information in a standard, distributable and easily recognizable format - Reporting (activity, after-action, alert-warning, location, situation, coverage portrayal)

FEMA Related Grant Programs:

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Standardized Equipment List

For more information on operating considerations, mandatory and applicable standards, and training requirements, visit the Interagency Board’s Standardized Equipment List site. You may also access 04AP-03-GISS - System, Geospatial Information (GIS) directly here. Note: some equipment items on the Authorized Equipment List maynot be listed on the Standardized Equipment List.

System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders

For market survey reports, visit the System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders site. To search for an equipment item, use the same Authorized Equipment List item number. Note: some equipment items may not have market survey reports.

Last updated Nov 13, 2015