01ZA-01-PPMS - System, Personnel Physiological Monitoring


System consisting of sensors, individual transmitters, receivers, and display platform that enables remote monitoring of multiple individuals' key physiological indicators such as heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture (vertical, prone) and activity (stationary, walking, running). Includes built-in alerts and alarms to assess each operator's physiological status (through red/orange/green indicators), provide life sign detection and predict fatigue and heat strain.

FEMA Related Grant Programs:

  • Intercity Passenger Rail Grant Program (IPR)
  • Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG)
  • Port Security Grant Program (PSGP)
  • State Homeland Security Program (SHSP)
  • Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP)
  • Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program (THSGP)
  • Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)

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