Public Assistance Appeals Database

The Appeals Database is an online, searchable database containing FEMA responses to applicant appeals for assistance.

Work Completion Deadlines

Applicant: St. Joseph Health System-Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Category: Work Completion Deadlines
Disaster: 4193
Date Signed:

EHP and Other Compliance

Applicant: Marshall Creek Community Development District
Category: EHP & Other Compliance
Disaster: 4337
Date Signed:

Application Procedures

Applicant: Tri-County Emergency Med SVC
Category: Application Procedures
Disaster: 4485
Date Signed:

Immediate Threat

Applicant: Menard Electric Cooperative
Category: Immediate Threat
Disaster: 3577
Date Signed:

Result of Declared Incident

Applicant: Washington (County)
Category: Result of Declared Incident
Disaster: 4564
Date Signed:

Other Federal Agency

Applicant: County of Nashville-Davidson
Category: Other Federal Agency
Disaster: 4476
Date Signed:

Allowable & Reasonable Costs

Applicant: City of Seneca
Category: Allowable & Reasonable Costs
Disaster: 4542
Date Signed:

Debris Disposal and Monitoring

Applicant: Baldwin County Commission
Category: Debris Disposal and Monitoring
Disaster: 4563
Date Signed:

Immediate Threat

Applicant: City of Tallahassee
Category: Immediate Threat
Disaster: 4486
Date Signed:

Force Account Labor & Equipment, Immediate Threat

Applicant: Palm Beach County
Category: Force Account Labor & Equipment Costs, Immediate Threat
Disaster: 4468
Date Signed: