Provide Access to Working Capital or Financing Options and Increase Capital Access

Provide direct financial support or connections to other financing options to assist eligible businesses that are experiencing a temporary loss of revenue as a direct result of the disaster; funds can support normal operating expenses (such as healthcare benefits, rent, utilities, etc.) to keep businesses open throughout recovery.

Agency & Program NameType of Program & Funding SourcePhase AvailableCritical Program Information
DOC / EDA: Economic Adjustment Assistance – Revolving Loan FundLoan

EDA is not authorized to provide direct financial assistance to for-profit organizations or businesses. However, under EAA, EDA can provide funding to eligible recipients for Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) grants. RLF grants allow eligible recipients to capitalize or recapitalize lending programs to assist businesses that otherwise may struggle to obtain traditional bank financing. These loans provide access to capital through gap financing to enable small businesses to grow and generate new employment opportunities with competitive wages and benefits. Financing also helps retain jobs that might otherwise be lost, create wealth, and support minority and women-owned businesses.  
DOC / NOAA: Fishery Disaster AssistanceGrant
Cooperative Agreement

Long-TermThe Secretary of Commerce makes sums available to declared fishery disaster subject to appropriation of funds by Congress. The recipient(s) of the funding, in partnership with NOAA Fisheries, develops a spending plan based on high priority needs in the affected fishing community.
HUD: Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery Grant

Long-TermHUD provides flexible grants to help local governments, states and tribes to recover from Presidentially declared disasters, especially in low- and moderate-income areas, subject to the availability of supplemental appropriations. Eligible activities may include acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or construction of housing, as well as housing counselling and other activities.  This particular activity may be eligible as part of an eligible rehabilitation activity (repairs alone are generally not eligible). This funding can be used as cost share for other federal programs, including FEMA programs.
Last updated January 25, 2022