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Useful Historic & Cultural Resource Information

 This page details historic and cultural resource information that is very useful for the EHP review.

  • Documentation of the year(s) of construction for the original facility and any additions or modifications to the existing facility (building permit records, tax records, newspaper accounts, architectural drawings, etc.) if readily available.
  • Copies of any available plans, site plans, etc., for the existing facility, as well as documentation of any changes made since the original construction.
  • Plans showing the limits of proposed excavations or other ground-disturbing activities (compression, grading, excavation, drilling, etc.) associated with the project.
  • Topographic maps and location maps, if applicable, showing the project within local, state, or national historic districts.
  • Historic properties, including those listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Landmarks, or those in state or local registers within the project area or within view of the project site.
  • Any existing cultural resource surveys or reports describing the architectural/historic significance of the properties that exist within the project area or potentially affected by the project.
  • Documentation of coordination with the SHPO / THPO.


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