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Useful Fish & Wildlife Coordination Act Information

This page details Fish & Wildlife Coordination Act information  useful for the EHP review.

  • Detailed plans and studies for the control or modification of a natural stream or body of water.
  • Detailed maps, studies and reports documenting the project scope and surrounding areas, including construction of dams, berms, impoundments, stream relocation, and water-diversion structures.
  • Detailed descriptions and related studies and reports of proposed discharges of pollutants, including industrial, mining, and municipal wastes or dredging and fill material into a body of water or wetlands.
  • Recommendations of the FWS and affected state(s) agency(s) for protecting game and non-game fish and wildlife and their habitat.
  • Documentation of coordination with other agencies (e.g., USFWS, NMFS, State Fish and Game Departments), including studies, reports and recommendations.


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