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EHP Best Practice Resources

This page is a compilation of agreements, best practices, lessons learned, federal environmental and historic preservation (EHP) streamlining initiatives, and state and other resources for federal disaster recovery assistance applicants and EHP Practitioners


Interagency agreements, including memoranda of understanding, formalizing roles, responsibilities, and procedures for EHP compliance stakeholders.

Best Practices

Examples identifying efficient and effective strategies and tools organized by EHP compliance area.

Lessons Learned

Analysis of past disaster recovery efforts identifying interagency efforts relevant to expediting compliance with EHP requirements through improved coordination.

Other Federal EHP Streamlining Initiatives

Documentation regarding Federal policy initiatives distinct from but related to the Unified Federal Review (UFR) Process

State Resources

Tools and guidance from state resource/regulatory and funding agencies that may assist in understanding permitting, consultation, and other EHP requirements.


Additional Useful Links

Miscellaneous other EHP compliance resources for applicant and EHP Practitioners.

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