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RASPLOT Version 2.5

RASPLOT is a FEMA computer program that creates flood profiles for Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports through the automatic extraction of data from HEC-RAS (Hydrological Engineering Centre - River Analysis System) hydraulic modeling files. This page outlines information on downloading the RASPLOT Version 2.5 software, which can only be installed on computers with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP operating systems.

To view the lastest version of the program software, download RASPLOT Version 3.0.

RASPLOT Version 3.0

The latest version, RASPLOT Version 3.0, replaces Version 2.5. Version 3.0 includes the following features:

  • A Floodway Data Table (FDT) Creation Tool which allows users to create a Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report FDTs
  • A Batch Portable Document Format (PDF) Generation Tool to allow for batch printing
  • Functionality to allow for the exchange of data between the program and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) database tables
  • Compatibility with Windows 8.2 and HEC-RAS 4.2
  • Incorporation of the most up-to-date domain tables from the November 2014 issuance of the FIRM Database Technical Reference
  • Addition of the 1 percent Plus flood profile
  • Standardized footnote creation

Summary and Resources

RASPLOT is a software computer program that creates a Flood Insurance Study (FIS) profile by automatically extracting data from HEC-RAS or HEC-2 input and output files. In addition, the RASPLOT program can be used to create FIS profiles for any other hydraulic model by entering the necessary data manually. The final product will be in DXF file format and a CADD program is included as part of this program to edit and print profiles as necessary.

RASPLOT Version 2.5 replaced FEMA's FISPLOT program. Version 2.5 user resources for RASPLOT include:

  • RASPLOT, Version 2.5 User's Manual- Contains  instructions and specifications concerning the installation, setup, features and use of RASPLOT, Version 2.5. Prior to running RASPLOT, Version 2.5 for the first time, users should take the time to read this manual
  • Sample Downloadable Data Sets- These data sets can be input into the RASPLOT application interface to help reinforce your understanding of the RASPLOT program. These data sets are described in detail in the RASPLOT Version 2.5 Tutorial
  • Software Help Page is available to accommodate questions and suggestions regarding this and other FEMA programs.

After viewing these resources, begin installing the software. RASPLOT program is offered below, along with information concerning how to install the software.

Download RASPLOT Version 2.5

The full RASPLOT, Version 2.5 program can be downloaded in a single WinZip file or sections sized to fit on floppy disks from the FEMA Library's  RASPLOT Version 2.5, along with information on how to install the software. After downloading the file from the FEMA Library, you can then extract the WinZip file to a local directory (e.g., C:\temp) on your computer's hard drive.

Installing RASPLOT

  1. Open the ZIP file, highlight the program file(s) and extract it (them) to a local directory on your computer's hard drive. If using floppies, download all split .Zip files to the same directory on your local disk, then open the file and extract the contents.

    *NOTE: All of the RASPLOT files must be in the same directory for the program to install properly on your system.
  2. If you currently have a Beta Version of RASPLOT on your system, you must remove it before installing the new version. Utilize "Add/Remove Program" from the Control Panel to remove the RASPLOT program from your system. If you do not have a Beta Version of the software on your system, proceed to step 4.
  3. Read the RASPLOT User's Manual for important information about making this program work properly with the HEC-RAS program.
  4. Click on "Setup.exe" to run the program file.
  5. Follow the on-screen directions to install the program. The default directory is C:\Program Files\RASPLOT\.
  6. Click Start and then point to Programs. Locate the RASPLOT folder and click the program name to start RASPLOT Version 2.5
  7. When you first open the RASPLOT program, a "Setup Program" window will be displayed. This window allows you to set a program path to HEC-2 and/or HEC-RAS.

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