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Storytelling to Promote Action

PrepTalks GraphicThe Big One: Your Survival Guide is a nine-episode podcast series released in early 2019. The Big One Podcast Team includes host, Jacob Margolis; producers, Arwen Champion Nicks and Misha Euceph; and editor, Megan Garvey. They work at 89.3 KPCC, Southern California Public Radio. 

In their PrepTalk, the team shares why they developed “The Big One” and how storytelling can help compel people to take action and prepare for disasters.



Photo of Jacob Margolis was born and raised in earthquake country, Jacob knows first hand what it’s like to be ripped from your bed in the middle of the night with the ground shaking beneath your feet. Hoping to help make sense of our crazy world, he became KPCC’s science reporter and host of The Big One.



Arwen Champion Nicks has spent collective months of her life watching action and
disaster movies but had no clue what she should do in the case of a natural disaster
until she began working on The Big One. She now owns flint, a compass, life straws and a whole bunch of distilled water.



Misha Euceph grew up in Pakistan thinking earthquakes were a fun way of getting out of school. After producing this show, she cowers under her dining room table every time she feels a train go by, mistaking it for the big one.

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