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PrepTalks: Understanding the Value of Insurance

PrepTalks GraphicIn his PrepTalk, Kevelighan shares the pivotal role that insurance plays in people’s lives and communities, both before and after a disaster. “What happens when the water drains, when the dust settles? You have to rebuild an economy,” Kevelighan says. “This is what insurance does. It gets people back in their jobs. It gets people back in their homes.” He describes the deeper values of insurance, including how insurance improves safety, builds resilience, and promotes innovation.

Sean Kevelighan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Insurance Information Institute, an organization dedicated to improving the public’s understanding of insurance.

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Sean Kevelighan joined the Insurance Information Institute as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Kevelighan has advised multinational and FORTUNE 100 corporate clients on policy issue management programs, corporate reputation campaigns, and crisis communications.

He served in various public sector posts. As a political appointee in the administration of President George W. Bush, he served first in the Department of Treasury as a spokesperson for economic issues, and eventually became Senior Advisor for the Office of Tax Policy. He was also the Press Secretary for the White House Office of Management and Budget, and has worked on Capitol Hill, serving on the staff of members of Congress.

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