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PrepTalks: Land Use Planning for Community Resilience

PrepTalks GraphicIn his PrepTalk, Dr. Philip Berke explains how effective land use planning strengthens community resilience, through sharing research that shows “preventative land use policies have the highest benefit-cost ratios and Community Rating System incentives, yet are the least used actions to reduce vulnerability and promote mitigation.” He is a Professor of Land Use and Environmental Planning at College Station, Texas A&M, and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Communities there. He co-authored “Natural Hazard Mitigation: Recasting Disaster Policy and Planning,” selected as one of the 100 Essential Books in Planning of the 20th century by the American Planning Association Centennial Great Books.

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Philip R. Berke’s research focuses on the relationship between community resilience and land use planning with specific focus on methods, theory and metrics of local planning and implementation. He is the lead co-author of an internationally recognized book, "Urban Land Use Planning," which focuses on integrating principles of sustainable communities into urban form, and co-author of "Natural Hazard Mitigation: Recasting Disaster Policy and Planning," selected as one of the “100 Essential Books in Planning” of the 20th century by the American Planning Association Centennial Great Books. His 2015 publication on networks of plans and community resilience to hazards and climate change received the Best Article Award, the highest award for scholarly research given by the American Planning Association. Dr. Berke has served on multiple advisory boards and committees including the Urban Institute’s Global Evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation-pioneered Global 100 Resilient Cities, Louisiana’s Master Plan for Coastal Protection and Restoration, the American Planning Association’s Committee on Comprehensive Plans and Sustainability Standards, and recently the National Research Council’s Committee Water Resource Science, Engineering and Planning.

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