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PrepTalks: Safety is Personal - Lessons Learned as a Survivor of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

PrepTalks GraphicKristina Anderson’s PrepTalk, “Safety is Personal: Lessons Learned as a Survivor of the Virginia Tech Tragedy,” begins with her experience of the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007. She translates her experience into a focus on the importance of threat assessments in schools to identify and mitigate potential threats. She explains that it’s important to improve physical safety, but it’s just as important to encourage people to monitor their environment and to build a supportive culture in a school.

Anderson founded the The Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools, a non-profit dedicated to helping local community and school stakeholders work together to prevent, respond, and heal in the aftermath of school violence.

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Kristina Anderson is an international advocate in the fields of bystander intervention, active shooter response, and violence prevention within schools, workplaces and public spaces.

Kristina is founder of the Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools, a non-profit that provides training on the prevention of school and workplace violence, education on active shooter preparedness, and consultation on post-crisis recovery. She travels extensively within the United States and Canada to spread the importance of preparedness and joint training between citizens, educators, law enforcement, emergency managers, and first responders. Kristina started the non-profit after becoming one of the most critically injured survivors of the 2007 Virginia Tech school tragedy, where she was shot 3 times.

Kristina is also co-founder of LiveSafe, a mobile technology communication platform for sharing safety-related information that is used by over 100 college campuses, as well as corporations and hospitals.

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