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OpenFEMA Dataset: FEMA Web Declaration Areas - V1

This page documents the metadata for the OpenFEMA Dataset: FEMA Web Declaration Areas - V1 API data feed.

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This data set contains general information on declared disasters, including the disaster number, declaration type, state, description, incident start and end dates, and incident type.

If you have media inquiries about this dataset, please email the FEMA News Desk or call (202) 646-3272. For inquiries about FEMA's data and Open government program, please contact the OpenFEMA team via email



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OpenFEMA -

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disaster, declaration, fema website

Data Fields

idIDstringUnique ID for the record that does not persist between data set refreshes
disasterNumberDisaster NumbernumberSequentially assigned number used to designate an event or incident declared as a disaster
programTypeCodeProgram Type CodestringThe code for the type of available disaster assistance, i.e. HM (Hazard Mitigation), PA (Public Assistance), IH (Individual Housing)
programTypeDescriptionProgram Type DescriptionstringThe written description of the program type code, i.e. PA-A - Debris Removal
stateCodeState CodestringTwo letter code for U.S. states, districts, and territories
stateNameState NamestringThe name of phrase describing the U.S. state, district, or territory
placeCodePlace CodestringA FEMA designated 6-digit numerical code used to identify areas which are eligible for a specific type of disaster assistance
placeNamePlace NamestringThe name of the county associated with the place code, i.e. Mendocino (County), Corozal (Municipio)
designatedDateDesignated DatedateThe date a disaster was officially designated
entryDateEntry DatedateThe date the disaster areas were first entered into the NEMIS system
updateDateUpdate DatedateThe date the disaster areas were last updated by NEMIS
closeoutDateCloseout DatedateThe official closeout date of a disaster, after which, one can no longer apply for assistance
hashHashstringMD5 hash of fields and values of the record
lastRefreshLast RefreshdateDate the record was last updated in the API data store
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