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FEMA Media Library

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Defining Flooding Probability Risk for Structures

This analysis identifies the structures in your community with the highest chance of flooding over a 30-year time period. You can use this recipe card to develop effective outreach programs for residents living in high flood risk areas.

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Identifying At-Risk Roadways and Evacuation Routes

This analysis identifies roadways and evacuation routes with the highest chance of severe flooding. You can use this recipe card to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects in your mitigation action plan.

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Identifying Flood Risk “Hot Spots” for Mitigation Action

This analysis identifies areas where clusters of buildings are at the greatest risk of severe flood damage. You can use this recipe card to identify cost-effective infrastructure projects that are more likely to receive grant funding.

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Flood Risk Assessment Technical Assistance Worksheet

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Region 3, destroying thousands of homes and costing billions of dollars each year. This worksheet will help you develop a detailed and actionable flood risk assessment for your community.
Tip: Speak with a FEMA Region 3 Planner to help you complete this worksheet!

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Conducting Annual Hazard Mitigation Plan Reviews

Your Hazard Mitigation Plan is a living document. Conducting an annual review will help your community ensure that the plan remains up to date, while also providing an opportunity to evaluate progress. This resource highlights why these reviews are both essential and beneficial and includes examples of best practices taken from Region 3 communities.

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Community Capability Assessment Worksheet

Evaluating your community’s regulatory, technical, and financial capabilities can help identify and implement effective mitigation actions. Use this worksheet to guide your planning team through a comprehensive capability assessment.

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Checking in on the National Flood Insurance Program

Participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) unlocks valuable resources, including access to federal flood insurance, grants, and loans. As you develop your Hazard Mitigation Plan, this worksheet will help address plan requirements by finding opportunities to meet and exceed NFIP requirements.

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Addressing Future Conditions: FEMA Region 3 State and District Hazard Mitigation Plans (State Resource)

Addressing the probability of future hazard events is a requirement for state Hazard Mitigation Plans. This Region 3 tip sheet includes a definition of future conditions and ideas for addressing future risk landscapes throughout the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

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Leveraging Efforts of Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP)

Leverage is the value of all funds contributed by anyState, local, regional, territory tribal nation, university or non-profit to support the development, revision, or maintenance of activities related to hazard and risk identification.

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DR-4595-KY Tips for Hiring a Contractor for Home Repair