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Technical References for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping

Technical References are specifications of a technical nature essential to the success of the program but too granular to be considered standards. These are database, product and documentation requirements where consistency is needed.  There are a number of standards that mandate compliance with the Technical References.

Technical Reference: Coordinated Needs Management Strategy (CNMS) (Nov 2019)

Technical Reference: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Panel (December 2020)

This document provides the specifications for the content and graphic presentation of all of the elements of a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Additional guidance on graphic presentation of individual FIRM elements may be found in the FIRM Graphics Guidance document. Guidance on base map elements may also be found in the Base Map and FIRM Panel Layout Guidance document.

Technical Reference: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Database (December 2020)

To support greater automation within the Risk MAP Program, FEMA is developing a tool within the Mapping Information Platform (MIP) called Automated Map Production (AMP). AMP will automate FIRM panel creation, replacing previous practices of manual cartography. The goal of AMP is to eliminate the need for manual edits or adjustments to labels on the FIRM panels and FIRM index.
AMP will read the data in a submitted FIRM database and use a series of cartographic algorithms, with established rules of hierarchy, to autogenerate FIRM panels and indexes that comply with FEMA requirements through all study stages (e.g. draft, preliminary, and final).

Technical Reference: Data Capture (February 2019)

Technical Reference: Domain Tables (December 2020)

The Domain Tables Technical Reference is intended as a central repository for all allowable domain values referenced in spatial databases in the Guidelines and Standards for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping. All domain tables and their allowable values are listed in alphabetical order in this document.
Mapping Partners must use this document as a reference to identify valid values for appropriate domain tables in databases.

Technical Reference: Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Report (December 2020)

This Technical Reference provides instructions for creating Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Reports. An FIS Report template, which outlines the sections, tables, text and other components of the FIS Report, has been created to align with the information contained in this Technical References. The tables included within the FIS Report and the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Database Technical Reference have also been aligned as far as possible so that population of the appropriate fields in the FIRM Database will allow the respective data in the FIS Report tables to be incorporated more easily. The following sections within this Technical Reference explain specific elements that must be followed when developing FIS Reports in this new format.

Technical Reference: Flood Risk Database (FRD) (February 2018)

Technical Reference: Metadata Profiles (Feb 2018)

Last updated July 14, 2020