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High Water Mark Initiative


Image of a High Water Mark sign

As part of the National Flood Insurance Program, the High Water Mark (HWM) Initiative is a community-based awareness program that increases local communities’ awareness of flood risk and encourages action to mitigate that risk.

As part of the project, communities post HWM signs in prominent places, hold a high-profile launch event to unveil the signs, conduct ongoing education to build local awareness of flood risk, and complete mitigation actions to build community resilience against future flooding.  A variety of audiences, such as local officials, emergency management personnel, community leaders, as well as FEMA regions, rederal, state, and local entities can learn more about the HWM Initiative in the sections below.

To learn more about the HWM Initiative, refer to the links below:

To join the HWM Initiative, please contact Vincent Brown at

Take Action!

To understand your flood risk and view your flood maps, visit the Flood Map Service Center (MSC).

To learn more about the NFIP and how to get flood insurance, visit

Make a plan, be ready for disaster, and visit

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