Information Sharing Access Agreements

Pivot is the system of record that contains sensitive data on NFIP policyholder information, claims and repetitive losses. This information can be used to identify properties to submit to the Swift Current funding opportunity. FEMA’s PIVOT data can be requested by NFIP-participating communities, local/regional/state entities and their third party-contractors for floodplain management activities, Community Rating System compliance, hazard mitigation planning, grant applications, and more.

Receiving sensitive data requires that a legal data sharing agreement, called an Information Sharing

Access Agreement (ISAA), be drafted to ensure proper and secure processing and handling of the data. The data request process, which should take 10 days or fewer, is as follows:

  1. A data request letter is sent to the relevant Regional Flood Insurance Liaison or Specialist.
  2. The request is drafted as the appropriate data sharing agreement, an ISAA.
  3. The requested data are extracted and encrypted for secure transmittal.
  4. The data sharing agreement undergoes a strict review and quality control process.
  5. The agreement is sent to the requestor for their review and signature.
  6. The agreement is returned to the Privacy Office and sent for the final FEMA signature.
  7. The completed agreement is sent to the requestor along with the password-protected data.

ISAAs last for 3 years and can be used for repeat data requests for the same data.

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