Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) cadre helps people before, during, and after conflict. ADR accomplishes this by providing a variety of dispute resolution services, trainings, and presentations, as requested, to FEMA employees at all levels, external partners, and stakeholders to help them manage, resolve, and prevent conflict. By reducing conflict, the FEMA workforce, partners, and stakeholders will be better able to maintain focus on FEMA’s mission of helping people before, during, and after disasters.


  • 4-year degree
  • 300 hours of conflict resolution practice training
  • Five (5) years of experience providing Ombud’s services, mediation, coaching, facilitation, and similar 3rd party neutral processes in the workplace

An advanced degree may be substituted for 100 hours of training and two (2) years of experience.

  • Work experience should include a variety of non-EEO, informal, ADR processes such as coaching, facilitation, mediation, team building, workgroup, Ombud’s, conciliation, group participation (Arbitration, other third-party decision-making ADR processes, and EEO mediation are not processes used in this position and may not be used to meet the minimum required years of dispute resolution experience)
  • Experience conducting non-academic skill development training in conflict resolution or organizational Ombud’s techniques such as mediation, facilitation, coaching, and other conflict resolution or organizational Ombud’s techniques
  • Self-awareness about how your communications land on others, and to accept feedback non-defensively
  • High level of computer literacy and proficient use of a wide array of software applications, including but not limited to, the Microsoft Office suite of programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Lync
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