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Frequently Asked Questions for Subgrant Applicant Users of the eGrants System

This section of the Mitigation eGrants system web pages contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the eGrants system for Subgrant Applicant users.

This page in intended for local and tribal government officials who use the eGrants system to apply for and manage Hazard Mitigation Assistance grants through their state/territory. The FAQs below are categorized as general, system access and subgrant applications.

The Mitigation eGrants FAQs for Subgrant Applicants are also available in the FEMA Library.


 What is the FEMA Mitigation eGrants System?

An electronic system developed in response to Public Law 106-107, passed on November 20, 1999, which required that all government agencies both streamline grant application processes and provide for the means to electronically create, review and submit a grant application via the Internet.

The system allows applicants to apply for funding for several FEMA mitigation grant programs using the Internet. At this time, applications are being accepted into the eGrants system for the non-disaster Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs.

 What is the submission and review process for applications in eGrants?

  The eGrants application process works the same as the paper application process: local applicants apply to their state/tribe/territory, which reviews applications and includes them in a grant application to submit to FEMA. FEMA reviews the applications for compliance with various statutes, such as Environmental/Historic Preservation, Cost Effectiveness, Planning, etc. Application revision requests are handled electronically and may be generated by FEMA or the applicants for revision by applicants or subapplicants. FEMA electronically awards grants to states/tribes/territories for approved applications, who, in turn, award to the subapplicants.

Who does one contact for help with the eGrants System?

For assistance with the Mitigation eGrants system, please contact the eGrants Helpdesk via email at or phone at 1-855-228-3362.

System Access

What are the systems requirements necessary to support access to eGrants?

eGrants is accessed via computer with either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 5.0 or later with a 128 –bit encryption or Netscape, Version 4.7 or later with a 128-bit encryption.

How does one gain access to the eGrants System?

From your internet browser, enter the URL: This will open the DHS ISSACS login page. Select the New User? button. Enter the registration information, create a username and password and select the Submit button.

Once you have registered, you will need to request access to the Mitigation eGrants system. To request access, you will need an Access ID.

How does one obtain an Access ID for the Mitigation eGrants System?

Access IDs are provided by the state/territory/tribal government (grant applicants).

How does one retrieve one's password if it is forgotten?

From the DHS ISSACS login page, select the Forgot Psswd/PIN? button. Enter your date of birth and your email, select the Submit button. Your password will be re-set to a temporary password that is effective for 24 hours. You will need to log into the system with the temporary password and change it to a new password.

How does one change their password?

From the eGrants Homepage, in the upper right hand corner, click on Change Password link.

How does one change their email address, point of contact information, or organization address?

 From the eGrants Homepage, in the upper right hand corner, click on Edit Profile link.

How does one know when their access to eGrants has been approved?

Once the grant applicant has reviewed and approved your registration, you will receive an e-mail message that indicates your privileges in the eGrants system. You may be given View/Print, Create/Edit and/or Sign/Submit privileges.

Subgrant Applications

How does one change the Fiscal Year of a subgrant application?

The Fiscal Year defaults to the current year that a user creates a new subgrant application and cannot be changed.

To be certain that the most current version of the subgrant application format is used, applicants may want to create a new subgrant application vs. updating an out-of date un-submitted subgrant. The existing subgrant application information can then be copied into the new application and the original subgrant application can be deleted.

How does one change the title of a subgrant application?

The subgrant application title can be changed for un-submitted applications by changing the title of your proposed activity in the Scope of Work section of the subgrant application. For submitted subgrant applications, the title may be changed through a revision.

How does one copy a subgrant application?

To copy an existing subgrant application:

  1. From the eGrants Home Page, click the Create New Application link.
  2. Enter an application title and select the application type. Click on the Save and Continue button. The Start New Subgrant Application screen is displayed, showing the list of subgrant applications already created that you have access to.
  3. Select the radio button for the subgrant application you want to copy and click on the Copy Existing Application button. The Copy Subgrant Application Sections screen is displayed.
  4. Select the checkbox(es) associated with the section(s) you wish to copy into the new subgrant application. To copy the whole application, select the Entire Application checkbox. Then click on the Save and Continue button. The Application Status screen is displayed.
  5. Select the Complete/Incomplete links in the Status column for each copied section of the application to review and update it as necessary.

How does one delete a subgrant application from the eGrants System?

Submitted subgrant applications cannot be deleted from the eGrants system.

Unsubmitted subgrant applications may be deleted by the user who created it. Navigate to the list of unsubmitted subgrant applications by clicking on the Update/Complete Un-Submitted Applications link from the eGrants Homepage. Then, select the checkbox next to the subgrant application and click the Delete Application button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Select the Yes button.

How does one share access to a subgrant application with others?

First, locate the application to which you wish to provide access by clicking the appropriate link on the eGrants Homepage: Update/Complete Un-Submitted Applications or Revise/Amend Submitted Applications. Select the View Details link from the Authorize/Revoke Access column. Then, search for the person whom you wish to provide access and determine the level of access and the length of the access.

NOTE: A user’s level of access may not be changed for the shared application. For example, if a user with Create/Edit privileges to applications gives access to an application to a co-worker with View/Print privileges, then only View/Print access may be assigned.

How does one obtain access to a subgrant application when the user that created the application is unavailable to share their applications (i.e., a user has retired or is on extended leave?)

Subgrant applicants may contact their grant applicant organization to request that they reassign all of the user’s applications to another user in the same organization.

NOTE: This process is irreversible. In addition, a user level of access will not be changed by the reassignment. For example, if a user with Sign/Submit privileges retires and their applications are reassigned to another user with Create/Edit privileges, then the only Create/Edit privileges will be available for those applications.

How does one obtain a submitted subgrant application to make a revision?

For subgrants submitted to grant applicants that have not been attached to a grant application, subapplicants may contact the grant applicant to and ask them to request a revision to the subgrant application. This will release it to the subgrant applicant to make the revision and resubmit.

For subgrants that have been submitted to FEMA, FEMA would have to request a revision to the subgrant application. Specific subgrant application section(s) must be selected for revision. The subgrant section(s) would then be available to the grant applicant who could release the section(s) to the subgrant applicant for revision.

How does one revise a submitted subgrant application?

Select the Revise/Amend Submitted Applications link from the eGrants Homepage. The Review Status of subgrants that require revision will be ‘Revision Requested by Grantee’ or ‘Revision Released to Subgrantee.’ Click Update Application in the Action column. Make necessary revisions and then click the Review and Submit Application link on the sidebar.

When Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) is uploaded in eGrants, is it possible to view the file?

No. Once the BCA file is uploaded into eGrants, it is encrypted and cannot be viewed in the eGrants system. BCA files can only be viewed in the BCA software

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