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Floodplain Management Requirements

The purpose of this page is to define floodplain management requirements.

This study guide and desk reference can serve two purposes.  First, it can be used as a study guide to enhance the knowledge and skills of local officials responsible for administering and enforcing local floodplain management regulations.  It is also intended to broaden their understanding of floodplain management strategies that can be applied at the local level.  Local officials and others can use the study guide to help them study for the exam for the Association of State Floodplain Manager's (ASFPM) Certified Floodplain Manager designation.

Secondly, the study guide can be used as a desk reference that you can refer to when specific issues arise as you implement your management ordinance.  Guidance is included on how to handle many of the issues and information provided that will help you explain the requirements to citizens of your community.

While any interested person may use this study guide and desk reference, it is written specifically for the local official who is responsible for administering his or her community's floodplain management regulations.

  • Table of Contents (PDF 55KB, TXT 34KB)
  • Unit O: Orientation (PDF 89KB, TXT 6KB)
  • Unit 1: Floodplain Management (PDF 2116KB, TXT 49KB)
  • Unit 2: The National Flood Insurance Program (PDF 386KB, TXT 27KB)
  • Unit 3: NFIP Flood Studies & Maps (PDF 1370KB, TXT 76KB)
  • Unit 4: Using NFIP Studies & Maps (PDF 752KB, TXT 44KB)
  • Unit 5: The NFIP Floodplain Management Requirements (PDF 2836KB, TXT 116KB)
  • Unit 6: Additional Regulatory Measures (PDF 1198KB, TXT 60KB)
  • Unit 7: Ordinance Administration (PDF 1010KB, TXT 108KB)
  • Unit 8: Substantial Improvements & Substantial Damage (PDF 697KB, TXT 41KB)
  • Unit 9: Flood Insurance & Floodplain Management (PDF 534KB, TXT 45KB)
  • Unit 10: Disaster Operations & Hazard Mitigation (PDF 1287KB, TXT 55KB)
  • Appendix A: FEMA Regional Offices (PDF 21KB, TXT 2KB)
  • Appendix B: State Contacts (PDF 78KB, TXT 20KB)
  • Appendix C: References (PDF 25KB, TXT 9KB)
  • Appendix  D: Glossary (PDF 45KB, TXT 26KB)
  • Appendix  E: NFIP Regulations (PDF 209KB, TXT 209KB)
  • Appendix  F: FEMA Forms (PDF 627KB, TXT 31KB)
  • Appendix  G: EMI Courses (PDF 18KB, TXT 4KB)
  • Appendix  H: Learning Checks & Exercises (PDF 299KB, TXT 141KB)
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