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Flood Insurance Reform - Rates and Refunds

This page provides important information about flood insurance rates and refunds.

Recent legislation restored grandfathered rates and repealed certain rate increases so refunds may be issued to some policyholders. The law also applied an annual surcharge for all policyholders in the amount of $25 per year for renters and owners of primary residences and $250 per year for owners of non-primary residences and non-residential buildings.

The agency is working closely with its Direct Servicing Agent (DSA) and Write Your Own (WYO) program participating insurance companies that sell and service federal flood insurance so eligible policyholders may receive refunds starting this fall. The agency has also issued guidance so most impacted policyholders won’t be required to pay rates higher than the law now requires during the time the rate tables are being developed. Insurance agents may find this guidance in the WYO Bulletins the agency issues to DSA and WYO companies.

For more information about receiving subsidized rates and reducing insurance costs, please access these informational videos and brochures:

To find out more about who may be eligible for refunds, please review:

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10/22/2019 - 10:02