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Flood profiles are prepared for each detailed flooding source in a community for inclusion in FEMA Flood Insurance Study reports. FISPLOT is a Microsoft DOS program that can be utilized to plot these flood profiles from HEC-2 input and output.

Fisplot has been replaced by newer software called RASPLOT 3.0 but will be made avaliable on request. If you wish to receive a copy of FISPLOT, please contact John Magnotti at

See below for information on how to install and run FISPLOT. The FISPLOT program is provided in a .Zip archive. This archive includes the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center COED editor program. This public domain program can be used to edit HEC-2 input files within FISPLOT. Click on the "More Info" icon if you need additional information about how to obtain and use WinZip.


  1. Open the .Zip archive and extract the program files to a local directory on your hard drive (e.g., C:\FIS).

    (NOTE: all of the FISPLOT files must be in the same directory for the program to function properly on your system).
  2. Go to the DOS prompt and navigate to the directory where the FISPLOT files were saved in Step 2.
  3. Create a subdirectory under this directory to archive project information. (The six-digit community identification number is a common naming convention for these subdirectories).
  4. Navigate to the subdirectory created in Step 4.
  5. Copy the HEC-2 multiple run input and output files for your project stream into this new directory.

    (NOTE: The input and output files must have ".DAT" and ".OUT" extensions, respectively. If they do not, the files must be copied and saved with the appropriate extensions before running FISPLOT)..
  6. Run FISPLOT by typing the following at the DOS prompt:


x= the drive where the FISPLOT files are located;
DirectoryName = the name of the directory where the FISPLOT files are located (e.g., "FIS"); and
FISPLOT = the command to start the FISPLOT program.

You are now ready to use FISPLOT to create a flood profile plot.

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08/29/2016 - 12:05