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FEMA E155 - Building Design for Homeland Security Course

The purpose of FEMA E155 is to familiarize students with assessment methodologies available to identify the relative level of risk for various threats, including blast and CBR.

The students will be introduced to FEMA 426, Reference Manal to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings and will be asked to provide cost-effective mitigation measures for a range of manmade hazards. The primary target audience for this course includes engineers, architects and building officials.

You can download FEMA E155 and other FEMA publications from the FEMA Library.

This course includes:

  • Plan of Instruction
  • Student Manual
  • Instructor Guide
  • Unit Slide Show Presentations

Unit Slide Show Presentations

  • FEMA E155- Unit I: Introduction and Course Overview
  • FEMA E155- Unit II: Asset Value Assessment
  • FEMA E155- Unit III: Threat/Hazard Assessment
  • FEMA E155- Unit IV: Vulnerability Assessment
  • FEMA E155- Unit V: Risk Assessment/Risk Management
  • FEMA E155- Unit VI: Explosive Blast
  • FEMA E155- Unit VII: Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Measures
  • FEMA E155- Unit VIII: Site and Layout Design Guidance
  • FEMA E155- Unit IX: Building Design Guidance
  • FEMA E155- Unit X: Electronic Security Systems
  • FEMA E155- Unit XI: Case Study
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