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Earthquake Information for Teachers and Kids

Below are links to earthquake-related information of use to primary and secondary school teachers, students, and administrators, as well as to child care providers. There are many things that can be done to reduce the chances that students or staff will be injured or that school property will be damaged by earthquakes. Use the following resources to help make students and staff, school facilities, and your community more resistant to the potentially dangerous and damaging effects of earthquakes.

  • Safety at School
    Learn about what to do at your school before, during, and after earthquakes. Topics include how to strengthen school facilities, secure their contents, and prepare pupils and staff to react safely and help build disaster resilience in the community.
  • Publications
    Browse and access FEMA earthquake publications designed for teachers and students. Several provide complete curriculum content, enabling teachers at any grade level to present an engaging series of interactive lessons that build pupils’ knowledge of earthquakes and how to reduce the risks that quakes pose for individuals, families, schools, and communities. Other publications focus on seismic safety for children in elementary schools and child care settings. All can be downloaded online, and most can be ordered in print or on compact disc.
  • FEMA for Kids
    Earthquake and disaster-preparedness information designed for children in a colorful, kid-friendly format.
  • Building Codes
    Learn about two of the most important strategies for mitigating earthquake risks, the adoption and enforcement of up-to-date building codes and the seismic retrofitting of vulnerable structures.
  • Contacts
    Find individuals and organizations that you can go to for more information about earthquake risk-reduction activities in your state, in your region, or at FEMA.
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